What is Compliance?

First - Do Your Homework

There are several regulatory agencies relating to compliance. Every state has a cannabis regulatory agency, but compliance does not stop there. Other departments like Weights and Measures, the Department of Fish & Wildlife, and the Air Quality Management Districts are often overlooked. Forget to pay your cultivation or excise taxes and you’ll face stiff penalties. Locally you must adhere to city and county regulations including your county’s fire department. 

Following your state’s labor laws are just as important.  OSHA for example (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) is an agency of the US government under the Department of Labor with the responsibility of ensuring safety at work and a healthful work environment. 

compliance do your homework
compliance accountability
Second – Make compliance everyone’s responsibility

Practice good daily habits throughout your facility no matter how small they are. You cannot control whether or not a customer identifies with your new vape line, but you can control how your company operates on a daily basis.

Third – if you’re not sure what to do just ask!

Cannabis regulatory agencies do not want to shut you down, they want you to succeed.

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