How To Avoid Cannabis Compliance Mistakes?

How To Avoid Cannabis Compliance Mistakes

Staying compliant in an industry as overregulated as cannabis can be nerve wrecking. Thankfully, owners and managers can stay ahead of problems before they arise. The following guide will help you avoid some common cannabis compliance mistakes.

1.Pay Close Attention to Non-Cannabis Regulations

Operators often fail to follow non-cannabis regulations out of ignorance or lack of concern. Your local fire and health departments have their own set of strict requirements and will not hesitate to shut you down. OSHA also has detailed guidelines for worker safety and mandates frequent training. Neglecting the health and safety of others can lead to injury, damage, prosecution and even death.

2.Make Sure Your Employees Get Proper Training

It is essential your employees receive regular training to reduce liability and compliance issues. Employees need to thoroughly understand all standard operating procedures, and supervisors must ensure they are routinely followed. A discrepancy between the weight listed on a batch form vs what you have recorded in inventory could lead to fines, license suspension or even legal trouble.

3.Have Ample Security Cameras

Cannabis facilities are expected to maintain continuous monitoring of their businesses. Each state has regulations regarding the number of cameras required for certain areas as well as the required retention period of security footage. The easiest method to guarantee you will remain in compliance is to invest in high-quality monitoring equipment that covers all work and storage areas at your facility.

4. Concentrate on Cybersecurity

Cannabis dispensaries require substantial security measures to safeguard sensitive data, just like any company that collects sensitive patient and or customer information. It’s crucial to create a cybersecurity strategy and an action plan in the case of a breach. Consult with a legal counsel who understands HIPPA guidelines and data privacy legislation. Collaborate with cybersecurity specialists knowledgeable about data privacy.

Protect Your Cannabis Business

Cannabis operators are still having difficulty complying with cannabis regulations. Keeping up with compliance can become a full-time job on top of your other daily operational duties.

Verde 101 can help you stay compliant. We supply a wide range of cannabis compliance forms and templates for cultivators, manufacturers and distributors.

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